A Video, Oh Noes

So, I know it’s been a bit, but I promise I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  Finals week slowed my progress down a bit, but I’m still working.  I’ll be posting something about the last half of Chapter 1 tomorrow.  Tonight, however, I have a special treat.  Here’s a video of me mangling the pronunciation of some “useful phrases” I found on the interwebs.  If any Scottish Gaelic speakers out there want to tell me how I’m doing on actually saying this stuff aloud, I’d really appreciate it.  I know my accent’s atrocious, but there just aren’t a lot of examples out there to base it on.  The people in the learn Gaelic videos all sound so stilted.  So I’d really love some tips from native speakers, or just people who’ve been learning longer than me.  Anyway, here’s the video, laugh away.



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